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Air Carriers

Regional Airlines, Legacy Carriers, Major Airlines, Cargo, Private Companies including all part 121, 135 and 91 are all hiring for thousands of positions. Pilot Hiring, Flight Attendants, Repair & Maintenance, Ground Agents and many other career opportunities abound.

Aviation Training & Education

Find the resources for flight training to become a commercial pilot, technical training to work on the mechanical side of aviation and more. Search Flight Schools, Academies, Universities and Colleges.

Aviation Organizations

Find your aviation tribe! There are many aviation organizations offering resources, mentoring, scholarships, community and more. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a strong focus at many aviation organizations. Aviation truly is for everyone.


Search airports via detailed filters, easily see their live traffic, AOPA page, AirNav, flight schools located there and other details. Small, medium and large airports hire for a wide variety of jobs.

Aviation Industry Companies

Explore the wide variety of aviation industry companies including manufacturers, suppliers, start-ups, engineering, AI and more.

Government Agencies

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT), U.S. Department of the Interior, state and local law enforcement agencies and others.

U.S. Armed Forces

The U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S Marines U.S. Coast Guard are recruiting for aviator positions and offer training. All five branches actively recruit.


Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) are at the heart of private air travel located at airports of all sizes with a wide variety of jobs to explore.


Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MROs) encompassing repair, service and technical operations offer a huge range of career opportunities both technical and non-technical.

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Conversations with Aviation Industry Experts

Conversation with Justin Ellixson-Andrews
Executive Director of The NGPA (The National Gay Pilot Association)
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